Setup instructions for WebVR on HTC Vive.

Everything you need to get your Vive up and running for WebVR.

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All of the VR experiments on this site are for room-scale VR. To experience Meta4, you'll need an HTC Vive and an experimental build of Chromium with WebVR enabled. Follow these instructions to get started!

Note that these instructions are for Windows, and at this time experimental Chromium is the only browser that supports all the features. As other browsers, OSes and headsets gain support I will update this page accordingly.

Don't fret - as long as you have a Vive, none of this is particularly difficult. There are just a few steps to go through.

Step 1. Get a Vive. Seriously, everyone should have one, they're amazing.

Step 2. Download the latest experimental build of Chromium. Once it's downloaded, you can just unzip and run it - it doesn't need to be installed. Launch it, then open this page in there and proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Activating WebVR. Open a new tab and type in the address "about:flags". This brings up a huge list of options. Press Ctrl-F on the keyboard to activate search and type "webvr" to jump to the WebVR option. Click 'Enable'. The browser will show a message at the bottom of the window with a big blue button labelled "RELAUNCH NOW" - don't click it just yet.

Step 4. Activating the motion controllers. Press Ctrl-F again and type "gamepad" to jump to the Gamepad Extensions setting. Set it to "Enabled" and click the "RELAUNCH NOW" button.

Step 5. Return to this page, and if everything worked, you should be able to put on your headset, pick up your controllers and check out the test scene, which should now be displaying. 

You should be able to look all around and have your point of view tracked correctly, and you should be able to see blue and green controllers tracking the motion of your hands. If the controllers don't appear, make sure they're activated and try pressing a button on them as sometimes they seem to go to sleep. The blue-coloured floor should equate to the size of your play area as defined in the Vive setup app.

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