The Garage

This is where we experiment.

At Meta4 we're focused on building a whole new Javascript framework dedicated to easily building WebVR applications. As such, we're doing a lot of experiments. Some of these we polish up and send out into the world (like Looksy), others contribute features back into the framework, and some are just for fun or to explore ideas. And we love them all. So here they are :)

Wanna build something of your own? We've got you covered. Clone the Meta4 Room-scale Boilerplate for a quick entry point into developing for room-scale WebVR with the Carnival framework. And if you build something interesting with Carnival, let us know and we can host it here :)

Please note: Some people, including me are having a lot of hassles with recent builds of Chromium seemingly losing the connection to the headset display while the app is running, resulting in being kicked out into the Vive home scene. Please let me know if you experience similar issues, it'll really help in tracking down the problem!

Questions, suggestions, feedback? Email me on or tweet me: @ajrowr. This page will be regularly updated, so check back often!

A reminder: we're currently all about the Room-scale VR with HTC Vive. So right now that's what you'll need. Support for Oculus Rift, Gear, Cardboard, Google Daydream and other virtual reality platforms is coming. And you'll need the special WebVR-enabled Chromium build, so follow our handy setup guide if you haven't already.

Name Author Status Latest Update About
Mesh Browser Alan Rowarth New! September 2016 Browse a library of 3D meshes
Boilerplate Alan Rowarth Perpetual WIP September 2016 Contains everything you need to get started. Download the Boilerplate as a starting point for your own WebVR project!
LatheToy Alan Rowarth WIP September 2016 Experimenting with configurable lathe primitives. Hours of fun! :)
Rayselect Alan Rowarth Done June 2016 You may have wondered why Looksy doesn't let you point to select things. It's because I hadn't yet figured out how to do that. Now I have, and Looksy will get that upgrade soon.
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