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  • Looksy
    A virtual image gallery which can view images from the web, as well as curated content and Tumblr feeds. Under active development.


  • The Garage
    I'm constantly working on experiments and adding new features to the framework. Here's where you'll find them, along with boilerplate code you can use to get started building your own.

Source code & framework

Everything here is MIT-licensed open-source. Check it out on Github!

Carnival - a rapidly-evolving Javascript framework for WebVR which is growing organically out of the work I'm doing.

If you have a Vive and know anything about JavaScript, I recommend cloning the Carnival Boilerplate and having a play with it. It provides a quick start into the world of room-scale WebVR development for the HTC Vive, and you may be surprised at how easy it is to start building cool stuff in VR! (Documentation is coming soon but the example code will give you a good head start!)

Join the mailinglist to stay up to date with current and future experiments and progress on the Carnival framework.

My thanks to Valve, HTC and Oculus for bringing the VR dream to life. And special thanks to Brandon Jones (@tojiro); thanks to his hard work on Google Chromium and WebVR I'm finally starting to build the things I always dreamed of building.

in Virtual Reality
with WebVR.

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WebVR is not simply about making a web browser display three-dimensional scenes in a headset - it's the confluence of the global information network with Virtual Reality. It's about new ways of presenting, exploring and interacting with the information that surrounds us. And exploring this is exactly what I am most interested in doing.

Everything here has been developed with and for the HTC Vive with room-scale VR, and the latest experimental builds of Google Chromium with WebVR enabled. If you want to try any of this for yourself, you'll need an HTC Vive and the experimental Chromium builds. While WebVR itself is currently experimental, it will likely start to enter the mainstream by the end of 2016.

Click here for download links for the experimental Chromium builds and full instructions on how to get it working. It only takes a couple of minutes, and since Chromium runs without installing you get to keep your stable Chrome version totally separate. :)

Questions, comments, feedback, job offers?*
Email or tweet me: @ajrowr

Businesses: want to be ahead of the curve when the WebVR revolution arrives? Email me, and let's have a chat about the possibilities.

*I'm available on a freelance basis for web and WebVR consulting and development. I'm an experienced web application developer who is big on Angular, and Python - particularly Django; and a veteran data architect and builder of RESTful API backends for mobile apps and web applications. I'm based in New Zealand and regularly work with clients around the world. Email me if you'd like to know more!

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